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Each doctor and every staff member with A Confident Smile wants our patients to obtain their needed dental care. We will be more than pleased to assist you with any financial matter related to your dental care.


If you have dental or medical insurance that may cover part of your bill, you should first read our insurance policy before continuing. If you do not have insurance coverage and you have not made prior arrangements, then payment in full is expected at the time of service.  We accept most major credit cards or you may write a check drawn on a local bank if you have a current driver's license.


We accept most traditional dental insurance plans and once we confirm your dental coverage you will only be asked to pay the estimated portion of your bill at the time of your service. We will then submit your insurance at no charge to you. After your insurance pays , any remaining balance will be billed to you. We can not guarantee what your insurance company will pay, however, we can submit an insurance pre-estimate to your insurance company before any major work is done.


You and your dental insurance company have a legal agreement and A Confident Smile is not involved in this agreement. You are our patient and we treat you, not your dental insurance company. Our agreement is with you. Because of this fact, if your dental insurance company fails to honor our request for payment then any balance after three months becomes your responsibility. If the dental insurance payment is less than we originally estimated then the remaining balance after the dental insurance payment must be paid by you within thirty (30) days. We will bill you for the remaining balance, however, there is a billing charge after 30 days of non-payment.


If you are interested in making a dental appointment with us and have dental insurance, we would be more than happy to confirm your coverage by calling your dental insurance company before your visit. This allows us to better answer any questions you might have. You can do this by calling our office at 229-227-1447 or by e-mailing us at contactus@aconfidentsmile.com.





You can pay for your office visits and any treatments by cash, check, credit or debit card at the time of treatment. We also accept most major dental insurances, and the Care Credit and Springstone. To discuss your payment options or insurance coverage, please call 229-227-1447.


Our staff deals with many different insurance companies.  Some companies offer many different dental plans.  These companies can change benefits, co-pays and deductibles throughout the year.  We do our best to provide you with accurate coverage estimates based on information available to us.  At times, it is impossible to accurately estimate our patient's co-payment.  We file primary insurance claims for our patients as a courtesy; please inform us of any changes to your insurance immediately.


Please note that while some Insurance Companies claim to pay 100% on cleanings, that means 100% of Usual and Customary (or basically the amount they determine as their "covered amount")   Although the balance is usually small, most Insurance Companies do not cover 100% of cleanings.


Insurance Language:


Yearly Max - The maximum dollar amount of benefits your insurance company will pay per year.


Deductible - A quarterly, yearly or lifetime fee most insurance companies charge for services.


Preventative - Refers to cleanings, regular exams, bitewing x-rays, fluoride (see your plan)


Basic - Refers to fillings, extractions, root canals, periodontal services (see your plan)


Major - Refers to crowns, bridges and dentures (see your plan)


Some insurance policies differ; please refer to your insurance plan for exact information.

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